8 Printing Terms Every Designer Must Learn

Do printing terms leave you scratching your head?  Spectrometer, pigment, pantone, hickies…it can get confused quickly.  Here are 10 Printing terms we here at InkOnDaPaper feel every designer SHOULD learn. 1. DPI DPI stands for dots per inch. A higher DPI is better. DPI values don’t compare across technologies. Inkjets typically print at around 700dpi […]

Current Postal Trends

As we conclude the trends week here at InkOnDaPaper we wrap up with postal trends. This is by far one of the areas that is greatly effecting our clients and causing them to move to digital communications. The mismanagement of the post office has scared many companies and driven them away from direct mail. Now […]

Packaging and Label Trends

Yesterday we looked at Offset printing trends and today we look at trends in the packaging and label markets. Have a look and as always we love comments. The Trends in Packaging and Labels An intrinsic part of branding is ensuring the labels, tickets, tags and other point-of-sale materials are helping to convey the story. […]

Offset Printing Trends

Good Monday morning! Today we tackle the trends in offset printing. Take a look and tell us if you agree. Trends in the Offset Printing Market While offset is still the leading printing technology in the current market, it is getting squeezed by the move away from print toward digital products. Printers are focused on […]

Postal Trends for Printers

Good Monday Morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle the week. Today we are talking postal trends and how they can impact printers. Have a look at the latest article below and as always share some comments with us. What You Need to Know about Current Postal Trends Comprehensive postal […]

The Color Test Challenge – Part 2

“Can you tell the difference between sea foam and mint leaf? What about champagne and egg-shell? Are you color blind or a color master?” InkOnDaPaper loves a good color test challenge.  Remember X-rites hue challenge? Click Here to try it. Today’s challenge is slightly more interactive and a bit brighter in color.  Plus we think it […]

4 Reasons To Choose Direct Mail

Good Morning fellow ink heads. Been a crazy week over here already and I wanted to share a cool article I just came across. I think your going to like it because it gives you 4 reasons why you should be selecting direct mail over email marketing. Now I don’t always agree that we should […]