Longevity of Print

Q&A: Keith Kawasaki on the Longevity of Print Source: http://msp-c.com/Content-Kings/June-2015/Q-A-Keith-Kawasaki-on-the-Longevity-of-Print In a world where digital dominates, Keith Kawasaki, VP of client services at iostudio, which publishes the Army National Guard’s flagship magazine GX® The Guard Experience, remains a champion of print. He describes it as a magnetic experience, something that will bring people together in a meaningful […]

What is Marketing Automation?

“Marketing Automation” is a loaded term. If you talk to ten different people, you will get ten different definitions of exactly what it is and how print service providers (PSPs) can use it to streamline their business and increase revenue. It can cover everything from the systems used to manage customer accounts, to prepress, to […]

The Cub Rotary Printing Press

In my hunt for Print collectibles I have never stumbled across a better example for children of the printing process. This “Toy” gives a child a first hand attempt at setting type through the letterpress printing process.  I found my first Cub Rotary Printing Press at an antique store, but it was VERY incomplete.  Just an impression […]

Paper Folding Templates for Print Design

We sure hope our fellow inkhead Trish Witkowski doesn’t mind us borrowing the title of todays post on InkOnDaPaper.  Paper Folding Templates for Print Design is a book that all print lovers should have in their library.  The paperback version of course. Ripped straight from the Amazon page – Paper Folding Templates for Print Design […]

Why Direct Mail Won't Die

 Interesting read on why direct mail won’t die and how the human brain reacts to paper.I have to agree as I tend to get sick of looking at screens and just want a hard cover book or newspaper to read. And honestly I don’t look at all the marketing emails I get daily, but I […]

World Environment Day – A letter from Paper

To celebrate today being “World Environment Day” I figured I would share with you a letter I found on a Domtar website.  It’s important to remember during all of your conversations about the environment today that paper is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Here it is – A letter from Paper, written […]