2015 Print Leadership Summit Speakers Announced

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the 2015 Print Leader Summit.  May 18-19 at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis. Whether you consider your company a marketing service provider, a packaging solutions firm, a display graphics enterprise or a supply chain management company, if you PRINT, the Print Leadership Summit is for you! […]

There's a Printing App for Iphones

Quick – grab your I-phone and search for “Print Apply”. You won’t be disappointed.  In this fairly new updated release of the application you can reference a TON of great print and Graphic Arts information all at the point of a finger. This printing app gives print professionals and graphic designers instant access to a variety […]

Print Trumps Digital in Attention?

There are few good things to say about printed media these days. It’s wasteful, inefficient, static, expensive to create and distribute. That’s why it’s all going digital. But apart from a nostalgic affinity (“I like the feel of a newspaper, it’s what I have always done”), there is a huge advantage that print has over […]