Holograms to Grow in 2015

The hologram industry is likely to see further growth as the pace at which anti-counterfeiting technologies combine to provide multi-layered solutions continues to quicken. And while security applications remain the most valuable for the industry, 2015 is also expected to see substantial growth in the production of holographic optical elements (HOEs) for use in automotive […]

A CMYK Puzzle for the record books

Every holiday I seem to eventually find myself circling a folding table and piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with the family.  As I sat down to write a post today my mind instantly wandered to the puzzle scene  There is where my search found this 1000 piece CMYK Puzzle – This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle contains […]


DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER: TECH-SAVVY TEENS REMAIN FANS OF PRINT BOOKS With today’s rapidly evolving technology and ever-present social media changing the way consumers are connecting with the written word, it should come as no surprise that today’s teens are finding and consuming content differently from previous generations. But while we typically […]

Print News you probably missed this week

As the holiday rapidly approaches, keeping up with the latest print news is more than likely not on your radar.  No fear, here is an early holiday gift from InkOnDaPaper.  The best news of the week consolidated for you right here. The first story you more than likely missed: Benjamin Franklin Printing Blocks Identified The […]

Lightpaper that is PRINTABLE?

Source: http://www.fastcolabs.com/3038890/rohinnis-lightpaper-is-incredibly-thin-and-printable How would you use light if it was paper-thin and could be applied to any surface anywhere? When Rohinni CMO Nick Smoot asked me that question, I was pretty stumped at first. But he’s already figuring it out. That’s because Rohinni has developed a form of what it calls Lightpaper. It’s a way to […]

The California Job Case

I have to admit, as I was hanging a California Job Case on my office wall it was a co-worker who had to tell me what it really was.  To me, it was just an antique print drawer. A bunch of wood slats arranged in a cross pattern so that you could divide different letters […]