Intellipaper – One Kickstarter that caught my eye

Heard of this one yet?  Maybe not – it’s an up and coming idea funded through kickstarter. IntelliPaper.  What is it? IntelliPaper® is the world’s leading manufacturer of Intelligent Paper. Since 2009, intelliPaper has been making innovative paper products for the direct mail, commercial printing and product-packaging industries that help advertisers improve communications by integrating […]

A Heartwarming Toast To The Printed Word

Well I had to bring back Friday Funny for today after seeing this article. Apparently print is not dead it is just retiring. Take a look as Buzz Feed always does a great job. Enjoy and have a great weekend! Remember the days of film? Via Nostalgic for vinyl? Via The printed word […]

This Paper Size Chart has it all

What size is a 14 1/2 Catalog envelope and will it hold an A4 size insert?  How many times have you been asked for something similar and didn’t have a paper size chart handy?  No one could possibly memorize them all.  Domestically our envelope classifications are tough enough with baronial, announcement and standard classes.  But when […]

Inkjet Printer Merges Direct Mail and Newspapers

This was pretty interesting to read how European printers are using digital inkjet presses to help clients improve their personalized communications. Have a look and tell us what you think. Good ideas? In a recent story for Inkjet’s Age, I wrote about how European printers and publishers were leveraging the capabilities high-volume inkjet presses to […]

Rapid Display Assembly

When building an in store POP display, nothing can be more important than assembly.  You will want the most rapid display assembly possible to help the assembly person the in field get the display set up quickly and correctly. I have seen many a display where this was not thought through and the end product […]

Direct Mail still WORKS!

  Yes it does still work and yes there are times it does not work. The one thing about direct mail is it is not dead. Many want to argue for and against it. Honestly we need to look at what still works in direct mail and apply it with other channels that are working […]