Print and eat your next Selfie!

Ever taken such a good selfie you wanted to print and eat it?  James Middleton, brother of Kate Middleton, is betting that you might just want to.  His new business, called BOOMF,  prints directly on top of Marshmallows. Just upload your most recent facebook or instagram picture and for $25.00 you will receive a box […]

What is the Future for Print?

What is the Future for Print? I came across this article last night as I was reviewing some information for the blog and I found it to be very interesting. Why you might ask? Well everyone today everyone asks where is print going, is print dead, does print have a future, why should we use […]

Inkjet ROI

The pluses and minuses of inkjet ROI talks about how and if inkjet can provide a positive ROI for your company. Since inkjet has been taking over so quickly many people have not looked at the ROI. Many factors are weighted when it comes to pluses and minuses of inkjet. The biggest consideration of all […]

Multi-Function Print Equipment

Multi-function print equipment can be a crucial purchase for your pressroom in this day and age.  Having machinery that can accomplish mutliple tasks saves in so many ways – Less floor space and quicker production times quickly come to mind. NeatPrint really took the idea of multi-function print equipment to another level.  Their new Dragon Air […]

The Need For Variable Data Printing

The Need For Variable Data Printing As we all know variable data printing has exploded over the last 5 years and honestly I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The main reason has been because of digital marketing and personalized offers. Individuals today expect offers and marketing materials to be personalized to them and their […]

Breaking Print Blog Records

Today InkOnDaPaper is breaking Print Blog Records.  Creating history.  Not your typical record-breaking event, but a milestone here at InkOnDaPaper nonetheless. Today we reach 400 blog posts! I don’t know of a print blog with more!  To admit, I haven’t really looked : ) What started as a way for Jason and I to geek out […]

Serif vs Sans Serif Typefaces – A Guide

Serif vs Sans Serif Typefaces – A Guide Serif and sans serif stand off against one another in the argument over readability, legibility and relevance – but the truth is that each has its time and place. Further exploring the terminology and history of serif and sans serif can help you better understand their differences, similarities and how to […]