Crossover Points for Shorter Runs

I found this article quite interesting when I stumbled upon it in the Printing Sales Professionals group on LinkedIn. What caught my eye is that today crossover points for offset vs. digital are a lot different then a few years ago. Depending on what business your in I’m sure you have run into this problem […]

PRINT IS BIG. How Big Exactly?

Print is Big. Do you realize just how gargantuan the industry really is? Here are a bunch of GREAT facts, case studies, and statistics on the industry. -640 Billion Annually -Direct mail increased U.S. company sales 702 Billion in 2010 -1 Million printers are manufactured daily -3.5 Million jobs in the United States depend on […]

Is it really all about PRICE?

PRICE. It’s all some buyers choose on. Now they could be justified if lets say they selected a group of vendors to utilize on their work. They could always pick the cheapest price on every project, bit I’m sure they know which printer can handle which project. The article I selected for today talks about […]

Paperless not Quite Possible

A paperless society has been talked about for years.  It wasn’t until the Ipad that people started to think it may actually be possible.  This commercial does a great job of showing not only the trend in things moving to digital, but also the sustainability of things that just have to be paper.  Sometimes good […]

This is why print is awesome

Happy Friday Print People! This article caught my eye by the title “Ford Print Ad Uses Optical Illusion to Let You ‘Park’ a Car” Everything is cool about this ad besides the article where the writer calls print out dated. Have a great weekend! Source: Mashable

Man builds Printing Press Bicycle

Check out this UK Kickstarter campaign for a Printing Press Bicycle! BRISTOL, UK—July 23, 2014—Printmaker Nick Hand’s passion for printing is about to take him on an incredible month-long journey from Bristol to Germany—to the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the Gutenberg press. Robin Mather, who builds custom-made bikes, worked with Hand to […]

FINAT-The Label Academy

So we don’t touch on labels much here at InkOnDaPaper and today I thought we would learn more about FINAT and The Label Academy. In today’s knowledge based economy, education and competence management are key to the future success of any business, and the label industry is no exception. This applies to all levels and […]

Let your Beer do the Dirty Work with Beer Decals

Here’s an awesome idea.  Beer decals that will make any adult beverage interactive.  This article was published late last year. London-based label, sticker and poster printerDiginate has created Rough Draft, a concept interactive beer that uses NFC tags placed on beer bottles to send simultaneous messages to home, work and friends. Diginate’s Jon Gulbrandsen, speaking to NFC World […]