Guaranteed Laugh on a Monday Morning

My print world extends well past your traditional print items.  The industry goes so much deeper than mailings, and brochures.  Print to me also includes everything from mugs, trinkets, toys, and electronics, to the embroidered clothing of the promotional print industry.  Imagine how much larger of an industry this really is when you capture all of the promotional […]

USPS-Systems at Work

Now this is a really cool video. It outlines how the post office works and how they move millions of mail pieces a day with a national network. Did you know they deliver to over 150 million addresses daily? That’s crazy to even think about. In the video they outline how each class of mail […]

What to do when print becomes boring

I think we can all agree, working in this industry can take its toll.  Sure, I love my job, but there is a certain sense of monotony that comes with the print world.  Just think of a pressman’s life.  Ink up press, insert plates, print, de-ink press, de-plate – REPEAT.  How about pre-press?  Open file, […]

Friday Funny: The Printer's Song

Whenever I find Gems like this on the internet, I wonder how it goes unnoticed for so long.  Am I really the only one who googles the words Printer’s Song?  Really?! I’d like to think not, but maybe so. This was written in 2005 (I think) and the video was 2008. Not too many words […]

Super-cool Fold of the Week

Trish Witkowski and Fold Factories 60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week is an awesome way to show clients new and innovative ways to create pieces that will leave a lasting impression. This week Trish looks a bound piece and outlines the unique folds that were used. I would suggest you sign up for her weekly tips […]

The Best Print Template Resource

In design, sometimes it is hard to even know where to start.  All too often designers start from scratch and create a printed document from the ground up.  This isn’t bad, but you need to keep standard sizing in mind to maximize your use of the printing press and the press sheet you are printing […]

Are you selling VDP?

As you may or may not know I am in sales and the majority of the work we produce is highly variable print communications so my job is to hunt for variable data print programs. This can be hard for some especially if you were previously selling or still are selling offset printing projects or […]