What is a Print Stone?

An extra special package was waiting for me at my office upon my return to work this tuesday.  I knew the package was coming, it was no surprise, but I was excited as heck to open it and see what was inside.  My print antique collection is now one step closer to complete, because I […]

The best Photoshop Tutorial site around

Being that my college education started in 2002, I didn’t just receive your traditional “print” training while in school.  We were on the cusp of CTP (computer to plate) machinery, and job management software for running a print shop was finally on the market at a practical price.  My degree could go 1 of two […]

The Color, Value & Evolution of Logos

StumbleUpon is one of my favorite sites to look for content.  Only becuase it varies so greatly from click to click.  This logo infographic is one of the hidden gems StumbleUpon has shown me.  A great walk through/overview of company logos – then and now. Why choose blue, red or green?  According to this, blue […]

Hospitals: A Printing GOLDMINE

Good Morning Fellow Print Nuts! I have an announcement to make – Meet Jack Edward Szubinski My wife and I are pleased to announce the birth of our baby boy. He was born last monday and my wife and I spent the majority of last week at Prentice Hospital in downtown Chicago.  Great place, great […]

3D Printing Explained and Explored

Mashable put together this great 3D printing overview so I thought I would share. Addiditve printing explained. Check out the video here As you can see, 3D printing is so much more than printing your favorite plastic gadget.  Hospital and Medical applications continue to be developed using this new technology. “3D printing is changing the […]