DYNALOG – Dynamic/Interactive Online Catalogs

Today’s post ties in perfectly with yesterdays post on the shrinking sizes of catalogs going through the US postal system.  More and more clients are downsizing or completely eliminating printed copies of their catalogs. In walks DYNALOG. Dynalog – an interactive online catalog hosted by Catalogs.com.  These interactive catalogs allow user interaction that has never […]

Catalogs Shrink After USPS Hike

Well quite honestly I think we all saw this coming back in January when the USPS passed a 5.9 percent postage increase. By doing so this increase has caused many catalogs to be placed online instead of printing and mailing them. The sad thing is that mail remains the most productive of all channels for […]

NewPage Paper Rocks it with ED

I posted a few months back about the “This is Ed” series from New Page paper.  It is a 15 booklet series produced by some of the best in the industry to showcase just how interactive and different print can be. My post awhile back covered all that this series had to offer – but […]

#FridayFunny is back!!!!!!

Trying to find jokes about printing or really anything funny about printing is not an easy job let me tell you. So today we are sharing something that is not print related but is pretty hilarious if you ask me. It’s so funny cause it is so true. Let us know if you have any […]

Have you checked out Two Sides?

As you all know we love to promote other groups, non-profits, companies and blogs here at InkOnDaPaper. Today we look at Two Sides. This awesome non-profit organization was created to provide members of the Graphic Communications Supply Chain a forum to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, improve sustainability standards and practices, […]

Let's get CREATIVE with Print and Marketing

Good Afternoon Print Nerds!  Posts like this always get my creative juices flowing.  Marketing agencies really putting print to work – and turning heads in the process.  Any of you produce a similar project you care to share?  Please send the pics to brian@inkondapaper.com.   Pretty creative uses for print don’t you think? How about […]