I'm just a poor old Printer

InkOnDaPaper has a few key google alerts – and this article came to me from one of those yesterday.  A great story of a historic printing company – starting in 1928 and ending 80 years later, here is a quick story of Times Printing – and 1 employees story of the ride. Rise and fall […]

Why Paper Is NOT Dead

The article below outlines more about how the death of paper and printed items has greatly been exaggerated by some. Paper has been and I believe always will be needed for many different applications. Yes, I will agree that some applications that use paper might be better served via digital nowadays. The one thing we […]

High end wrapping paper for the Holidays

I wanted my post today to be a tutorial of how wrapping paper for christmas presents is made.  The paper making process has been featured here at InkOnDaPaper a few times before – but I thought the holiday twist to the printing process would make the post extra festive.  Upon searching for a tutorial though, […]