Big weekend in Silkscreen

Not in the industry – but in my world!  My wife a few months back purchased me a gift card at a local print shop for a 3 hour session.  Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.  This place has all sorts of printing presses and processes under 1 roof, but the main reason she bought me the […]

More #fridayfunny from Sappi!

Lets keep the #fridayfunny rolling on this Friday afternoon. Had to share another video from the Sappi’s Off Register series cause it’s AWESOME. This goes hand in hand with the environmental certification that all printers go through with FSC and SFI certification. Enjoy!  


This man and I are cut from the same mold.  Here’s a hilarious video from Pazazz Printing about their love for print.  A great watch for a friday – and thank you to @FUJIFILMGS for reminding me of this gem. Happy Friday Ya’ll – enjoy the weekend.   ~Source: Pazazz Printing

PCA purchases Boise Packaging

There is a new acquisition hitting the news wire in the corrugate world.  PCA is preparing to buy out Boise Packaging in a transaction worth just shy of $2,000,000,000.  Lots of zeros in this sale.  This includes the debt on Boise’s books – which totals over $700,000,000. This deal will add more than 30% capacity […]

G7 Overview : The Art of Maintaining Color

Color obviously is a huge part of the printing process and maintaining consistent color across multiple platforms and stocks is important to keeping customers. A few years back IDEAlliance came out with the G7 System Certification Program which is designed to evaluate the ability of a candidate system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 […]