It appears they still have a pulse…

These 4 print giants were more than rumored to be in financial trouble.  The real surprise is what happened 18 months later when they proved everyone wrong.  Print is not dead – in fact it is alive and well.  The USPS however, I fear they are still on the watch list.  Anyone agree?   […]

Current trends in direct mail

Things have changed for marketers and printers over the past few years when it comes to direct mail. As marketers look for ways to use current data and personalize each piece to the individuals needs, printers have had to find ways to produce these pieces in full color at a cost effective price. The below […]

Digital Printing – What is it good for?

Digital printing has really taken off in the last decade from the original Indigo digital press to the new high speed digital inkjet web presses of today. Frequently with my customers the question comes up, when is digital printing most effective and when should I move to offset printing or web printing? I believe this […]

Augmented Reality-How it works

Augmented Reality continues to be a hot topic in the print industry along with other industries today. This technology is enhancing what we see, hear, feel and even smell. I though I would outline an article that talks more about how it works and where it is going. Recently Audi came out with an owners […]

5 Minutes in Stand Up Pouch (SUP) Production

I truly did not know the difference between a K-style bottom or a flat bottom until I saw this video.  It is a great guide on the different styles of stand up pouches and the differences in the way each will stand on the shelf.   ~Source:

Lenticular used in a positive way

Below is a quick video of an amazing use of Lenticular printing.  I think this is the coolest use I have seen yet.  A two way sign. One aimed at the Adult walking past, and the other made specifically for children under 10. ~Source: Gizmodo

What is Hyper-Personalization?

Hyper-personalization is allowing marketers to take into consideration consumers very different needs. By using four color inkjet print technology marketers can provide each consumer with the proper information. This has become the future of print in marketing campaigns and communications.   Source: Direct Marketing News

Real Time Personalization

Personalizing direct mail and marketing pieces has become more and more popular among marketers because of the return on investment they have received. The issue today is being able to manage this big data and use it real time based on decisions made by consumers. The below article outlines how marketers are struggling with this […]