Keynote speech on PRINT

Every year my company Consolidated Graphics holds a conference and they invite keynote speakers to talk about print and marketing in their current position. I found the Leo Burrnett Keynote to be particularly entertaining this year. Take a look at the link below to watch the presentation. Enjoy. Leo Burnett Keynote

Print is dead?

The thought that print is dead or is slowing going away has been floated for several years now. A few years ago when the recession hit many companies and marketing departments started steering away from print. The reason? Digital marketing was much more cost-effective, exposure was quicker and convenience. As this move was made everyone […]

Sticking with the paper theme

Check out these amazing sculptures made with a single piece of paper.  Twisted Sifter has all sorts of amazing origami style paper art so if you have some free time, you should definitely check them out.   ~Source: Twisted Sifter

Print 13 at McCormick Place in Chicago

If you haven’t been to Graph Expo or this year Print 13, I would highly recommend that you spend a few hours checking it out. Print 13 provides the latest innovation and exhibition of Digital, Offset, Flexo and Hybrid technologies, products and services for the Commercial, Transactional, Converting and Package Printing, Publishing, Mailing, In-Plant, Photo Imaging […]

Why Printing?

Why Printing? There are a million reasons I was drawn and am still sucked into everything print.  For starters, theres this: How cool is that?!  Thats 4 color process print at its finest and when zoomed into this level or beyond, you truly do get a scope for how technical printing must be. Manufacturing of […]