15 Amazing Door Hanger Designs

Last week we featured how to use door hanger advertising effectively.

Well here are great examples of creative door hanger designs that we feel truly showcased what we meant.  A bit more than your standard “do not disturb”, these companies put some thought into their door hangers and effectively used them in their marketing campaign.

#1 – Your door is your face

door hanger designs
© Rav-Bariach

#2 –Colgadores „No molestar“

© portafolioblog.com

#3 – IBM Storage DM


#4 – Panera Bread Door Hanger

© Kristen Palladino

door hanger / logo design at Best Western Plus hotel

#5 – Lincoln Cavsa Door Hanger

© El Angel Exterminador / GDL, Mexico

#6 – Door Hangers

© Mareena De Guzman Khawar

#7 – Bloomingdale’s – Dubai

© reham ibrahim

Know of a creative design we missed?  Please share with us below!




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