11 Hidden Messages in Company Logos


When Wendy’s redesigned its logo earlier this year, the company insisted the word “MOM” in the collar was unintentional. But plenty of other logos contain messages that were very much intended. Here are some examples, some more obvious than others.

Here are a few good ones:


The classic! As Matthew May said in The Laws of Subtraction, “Nearly every design school professor and graphic designer with a blog has at some point focused on the FedEx logo to discuss the use of negative space.”


There’s a Facebook group called Best Day of My Life: When I Realized the Brewers Logo Was a Ball and Glove AND the Letters M and B. If for you that day is today, this must be very exciting. Soak it up!



As David Vik says in The Culture Secret, “That’s a subtle reminder to employees and customers alike that Amazon has everything from A to Z.”


The rest of the examples can be found on the link below


Definitely a link to get your creative juices flowing!



~Source: Mentalfloss.com

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