100 year old printing press gifted….GIFTED!

Talk about a gift after my own heart.  Six Art pupils were gifted a 100 year old printing press as part of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Society (NADFAS) initiative.  The 100 year old Printing Press came out of a closet in Cullodens Academy’s art department.  Badly needing refinishing,  Tim Honnor of Piccolo Press took it back to the shop and worked his magic.

Pictured here completely redone – Tim Honnor and his work of art.

Yesterday at the Highland Print Studio on Bank Street, Inverness, a card displaying an image of Culloden Academy was presented as the first product of the restored machine.

Mr Honnor said: “The computer is just a bit boring and this is more rewarding. When you set the type and you get the first image it is really quite exciting.

“You can actually do quite a lot on the machine. You can do letter heads, correspondence cards, tickets, and the challenge is in composing the letters yourself. And these students like it.

“The hope is that someone will print their name and the next person will see it and think, “that looks good,” and then people will start printing a bit more and the art department may even end up using it for school administration.”

I must hang in the wrong social circles.  Being gifted such an amazing press has just landed on my Bucket List.

Anyone throwing a 1900’s  or 100 year old printing press party?  Maybe a raffle drawing?  PLEASE let me know below

~Source: PressAndJournal


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