We've failed at defending PRINT

By: Jason Shudy

There, I said it.

As a print community we haven’t done a good job of showing how powerful print is, and I’m here to take a stand. It is time we show print for what it is……a results driven marketing tool. Plain and simple it may cost more but the results far outperform all other channels.

Don’t believe me? Look at some facts.

A Direct Marketing Association study found that direct mail averages a 4.4% response rate compared to emails 0.12% response rate.  The use of tangible printed materials adds haptic perception (engaging the sense of touch) that cannot be provided through electronic communications.

36% of people under 30 look forward to checking the mail each day.

92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.

Direct mail household response rate is at 3.7% (compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media, and .02% internet display)

Pretty powerful stats if you think about it. As a print community it’s time for us to wake up the masses and show them that print provides a unique, distraction free, opportunity to reach your customer. If you don’t believe me read this article from Toby Reed’s The “Age of Distraction”.

Direct mail is giving brands the 1 to 1 attention they desire. But many companies can’t wrap their head around the data and many believe getting a print piece out is a struggle. Need proof? See Steve Mahr’s articles on Drowning in Data and Big Data + Marketing = #Winning

Now I too have been guilty of this, and as you may or may not know I sell print. Specifically technology solutions and workflows that help automate PRINT communications and, yes digital communications.

So what do we do from here? Well I’m making it my mission to show companies, and especially marketing departments that it’s time to look at print smarter. Time to improve efficiencies in your campaigns and integrate print instead of eliminating it. Now I’m not hear to say print is the end all be all of communications. I’m saying it’s time we promote print and use it to help increase response rate, and improve the ROI for all communications.

Now who’s with me?

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